Jose Klinger (Independiente del Valle) – Scout Report

José Klinger is an 18-year-old left-winger who currently plays for Independiente del Valle. He recently made his debut for the first team, but mainly played for Independiente del Valle’s under 19 in the last 18 months. Klinger impressed for Independiente del Valle under 19, being one of their key players in their league title win in 2022. José Klinger also was a part of Ecuador’s under 20 squad at both the Sudamericano and World Cup (u20).

Standing at around 1.71 meters with an average build, Klinger has a decent frame for a winger. Though, Klinger possesses decent strength in his legs and body to hold off opponents in shoulder-to-shoulder duels. However, he definitely needs to develop his physical strength in the upcoming years. The Ecuadorian winger has good speed over short and long distances, but is not as explosive as Alan Minda. Klinger has good changes of directions and is agile.

The young Ecuadorian’s first touch under pressure can be slightly inconsistent, even though he generally has a good technique. Klinger has decent close control while dribbling, but he occasionally struggles to get past his direct opponent. At club level, he consistently dribbles past his opponents but for Ecuador under 20, he struggled to get past his opponent. Klinger has quick stepovers in his locker but can also play quick one-two’s in tight areas to get past his opponent. His short passing is very solid, while he is also capable of switching play very well. Both his short and long passing technique is really good. Klinger also strikes the ball well from distance, being a good free-kick taker too. He does not use his left foot that often.

The main attribute Klinger needs to improve on is his decision-making in the final third. José Klinger knows that he strikes the ball well and often attempts to score from long range. Even though he sometimes scores beautiful goals from distance, this is not always the best decision. I do like his goal-orientedness but it must not lead to tunnel vision in the final third. In the midfield third, Klinger often does well to position himself close to the touchline, drawing the opponent’s right-back out of position. He also likes to operate in the left half-space, but he prefers to start out wide to carry the ball inside. From that area, he often shoots from distance as mentioned but he also likes to switch play.

To conclude, José Klinger is a very raw prospect but he is too good for Independiente del Valle under 19. I think he will slowly but surely make his way into the first team in 2023 as Anselmi is gradually integrating him into the squad. As the first team plays without touchline wingers, I think it would not be a horrible idea for Klinger to move to Europe, as there will be plenty of interest for Klinger (as for any Independiente del Valle player nowadays). Klinger needs to improve his physical strength and explosiveness on the first meters. He also should work on his decision-making and become more consistent technically. José Klinger has the potential to play for a mid-table club in La Liga as he could follow the footsteps of Gonzalo Plata.

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