About us

Luke Griffin and Jeroen founded Target Scouting in early April 2020 during the lockdown. Target Scouting started off with only making player reports and wanted to show the progress of making player reports by posting match reports as well. After a while, Target Scouting decided to take the project to the next step as we began to work on a recruitment analysis. Also, Luke and Thomas Millman started to work on a podcast about scouting, recruitment and players. To this date, we have posted more than 300 articles in only a few months time.

Target Scouting are always looking for new guest contributors, who may be asked to join the team as a regular. Anyone can write a match report and send it to the email, which can be found down below. Feedback will always be given and the piece will be posted on our website if we like it. Some guest writers can eventually be invited to be a part of the Target Scouting team.

On 20 December 2021, Jeroen continued the project after Target Scouting took a break of a few months. Jeroen edits all articles, manages the Twitter account of Target Scouting and makes sure that it can be posted on the website.

Target Scouting’s email address: editor @ targetscouting.com.


Help us improving the website!

We would appreciate any kind of donation, as we are always looking to improve our content. Target Scouting are not planning to put pieces behind paywalls as of yet, which means that this is the most viable way to support our project.


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