Bryan More (Atlético Vega Real) – Scout Report

Bryan More was one of the Dominican Republic players impressing at the CONCACAF Under 20 Championship, losing the final against the USA. The 19-year-old right-winger plays domestically for Atlético Vega Real, being a rotational player for the Dominican side.

The tricky winger’s athleticism stands out; he has a very low centre of gravity which allows him to change directions really quickly. More has very quick feet and has an explosive acceleration. He moves really smooth and always has a fast-paced start to the game, seemingly slowing down later in the game due to a lack of stamina and endurance. Bryan More struggles to maintain his speed over long distances, mainly because of his small frame, but he compensates for this by cutting across his opponent, forcing him to slow down and not allowing him to tackle More. He always looks to release the ball quickly, playing to his strengths and not slowing play down.

The Dominican winger has a good technique; his receiving skills are good and he has great close control in the small spaces. His short passes are consistent and secure, while his longer passing is slightly inconsistent. He does not seem to have that much power in his legs. Bryan More likes to carry the ball inside to subsequently put in an inswinging cross to the far post with his stronger left foot.

He has a great positional sense, sometimes positioning himself in the half-spaces but also close to the touchline depending on the situation. Bryan More makes great diagonal runs in behind and likes to make runs into the box when the ball is on the left wing. The 19-year-old winger plays with great intensity and always does well to track back. He closes down opponents aggressively but is not the best 1v1 defender.

Bryan More, as he is quite small, has his limitations and he will probably never play in the top European leagues. However, that does not mean that he is not talented. He needs to play in an attacking possession-based side where he receives the ball a lot near the penalty area. Bryan More has the potential to play in the Ecuadorian Liga Pro or Colombian Primera A.

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