Andres Romero (Monagas SC) – Scout Report

Andres Romero is a versatile central midfielder who plays for Monagas SC in Liga FUTVE. The 20-year-old Venezuelan already has a lot of experience in Venezuela, making his debut for Monagas at the age of 16 and already playing 100 matches for the Venezuelan side. Andrés Romero made his debut for the Venezuelan national team at the age of 19. He was signed by Agencia de Futbol, who have recently brought players to Argentina and Eastern Europe. Romero has recently been linked to DAC (Slovakia) and Argentinos Juniors (Argentina). I’ve tracked Andres Romero since 2020.

Standing at around 1.84 meters with a slim build, he is slightly underdeveloped physically. He occasionally struggles in physical ground duels but has decent strength in shoulder-to-shoulder duels. The midfielder is quite quick on the first meters and also displays good speed over long distances. Andrés Romero has good mobility and flexibility, moving very fluidly and quickly. He has good changes of directions. The midfielder is not the strongest in aerial duels because of his lack of strength. Romero sometimes loses balance too easily in defensive 1v1 duels. He uses his body well to protect the ball.

Having played as a central midfielder and winger but according to Transfermarkt also as a defensive midfielder and attacking midfielder, Andrés Romero displays excellent versatility. Even though I thought last year that he would be better as a winger, I came to the conclusion that the central midfield position is his best position. The central midfielder mostly receives the ball in the midfield third, as he is not the most active in first-phase possession, where the other central midfielder in Monagas’s 4-4-2 mostly operates. Romero does well to scan before receiving but does not always follow this up with the right decision. He likes to let the ball roll receiving a vertical pass but can sporadically get surprised by an opponent when he turns around.

Andrés Romero generally has a very good technique. He has a strong first touch under pressure and plays with a lot of confidence and ease. Romero always displays excellent composure and quick decision-making under pressure, often managing to find the right solution under pressure. The midfielder has a good short and long passing technique but his line-breaking passes can sometimes be sloppy. He is comfortable playing one-touch football in small spaces. His crosspassing technique is very nice, while he also is quite consistent with his chipped passing. Romero has good ball-carrying ability, displaying good close control and speed on the ball at this level. He likes to carry the ball into the final third before trying to put his teammate in front of goal with a chipped through pass. His vision is quite good but his execution is inconsistent. Andrés Romero has an average goal-scoring record as his shooting from distance is quite inconsistent despite most of the times striking the ball well.

Defensively, Andrés Romero has improved in the last year but he is still a bit inconsistent with this formation highlighting his defensive vulnerabilities even more. His timing of stepping out of the midfield line is sometimes poor. He can be too late and not strong enough physically to win back the ball. Romero is sometimes too passive in loose ball duels. His 1v1 defending is also quite poor, not having the right body shape and losing balance easily when his opponent changes directions. Andrés Romero is often well-positioned to pick up second balls and generally cuts passing lanes well while also having some strong interceptions occasionally.

Andrés Romero is ready for the next step but the step should not be too big. Romero is not ready to play in the Belgian league because he lacks physicality and is not strong enough defensively. At the age of just 20, there is plenty of time to work on his weaknesses. He has good on-the-ball ability, but this does not make up for his weaknesses currently. Romero should play as a left central midfielder in a possession-based 4-3-3. I think the move to Argentinos Juniors would be good for Andrés Romero. He has the potential to become a good player in Argentina or a lower Eastern European league. I don’t think he has top 5 league potential.

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