Alexandre Penetra (FC Famalicão) – Scout Report

Alexandre Penetra is a 21-year-old defender who plays for FC Famalicão. The Sátão-born defender formerly played in the youth academy of SL Benfica before joining Famalicão in the summer of 2020 on a free transfer. Penetra is a regular starter for both FC Famalicão and Portugal u-21. He has already made 70 appearances for FC Famalicão and has a contract that expires on 30-06-2026. For Portugal u-21 he predominantly plays as a central defender, while he plays as a right-back for Famalicão.

Standing at 1.86 meters with an average build, Penetra has a good frame for a central defender. The Portuguese youth international is very mobile, displaying good footwork and moving smoothly. Penetra has decent agility and is adequate on the turn. He displays good physical ability in ground duels, also being positively aggressive whilst not committing many fouls. Penetra wins most ground duels in which the opponent has his back towards the goal. The defender is decent in aerial duels, displaying good jumping reach and confidence/bravery. Penetra has decent speed over short distances and good speed over long distances.


Alexandre Penetra has a solid technique. The Portuguese player is very solid on the ball as he rarely miscontrols a pass, while also being a fairly consistent passer over short and medium distances, making him a pretty press-resistant player. He is very comfortable under pressure. Penetra mostly progresses play through passes, as he rarely takes on opponents. He is capable of playing strong, diagonal line-breaking passes into the striker. Under pressure, Penetra also often does well to switch play. Penetra has good crossing technique and puts the ball in good areas, despite not creating many chances through crosses. He also has a good striking technique, regularly taking a shot from the edge of the box.

Defensively, Penetra reads the game well as he often cuts passing lanes well, blocking passes and not allowing his opponent to play a through pass. He steps up at the right time and does this commandingly. Penetra is a decent 1v1 defender but sometimes does not maintain the right distance to his opponent in isolated duels on the wing. This allows his opponent to put in a cross in the box too easily. Being Famalicão’s vice-captain, Alexandre Penetra has showed his good leadership skills. He seemingly has a great mentality and has a real drive to win.

I think that Alexandre Penetra is ready for a step up. He would be a very good right-sided central defender in a 3-atb formation. I think he can make a step up to a mid-table La Liga side. He would be suited to a balanced playing style, but could also play in a more possession-based style. Penetra has the potential to play for Europa League sides in La Liga.

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