FC Famalicão – Match Report vs. FC Vizela (06/01/2023)

FC Famalicão beat FC Vizela 2-1 on the 15th matchday in the Liga Portugal. The home side started in a 4-3-3 that occasionally shifted into a 3-5-2 formation with Pablo moving from the wing to a more central role next to Jhonder Cadiz. Famalicão put in a lot of early crosses, trying to exploit Cadiz’s and Pablo’s aerial ability. This was without great success, but one good shot from distance by Alexandre Penetra and one very nice attack finished by Ivan Jaime led to a very important win for Famalicão.


  • A1 – Very good, could play higher
  • A2 – Strong potential to play higher
  • B1 – Good, strong player at level
  • B2 – Potential to be a strong player at level
  • C – Average for the level, rewatch
  • D – Below average in this match

Alexandre Penetra

  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: 09/09/2001
  • Club: FC Famalicão
  • Career: SL Benfica (Y), FC Famalicão (Y), FC Famalicão
  • Position: Centre-Back
  • Secondary position: Right-Back
  • Preferred foot: Right

Alexandre Penetra played as Famalicão’s right-back against Vizela. The Portuguese youth international, in possession, was tasked to push higher up the pitch with Colombatto dropping deep between the two central defenders. He generally provided width for Famalicão on the right side, always staying in position and rarely making any runs in behind. Penetra has good receiving skills near the touchline and is comfortable under pressure. He displayed good close control in the small spaces and did not make many mistakes under pressure. The defender has a good and secure short passing technique, being very consistent with his passing and making the right decisions on the ball. Penetra did not attempt many long passes. He only managed to put in some crosses, showing a very good crossing technique and putting the ball into good areas. Penetra put in some early crosses but also reached the byline before crossing the ball into the box in some situations.

In the final third, the Portuguese youngster played some very good diagonal passes to Jhonder Cadiz leading to some dangerous situations in front of Vizela’s goal. Penetra also scored an amazing goal for Famalicão, striking the ball extremely well from long range and putting the ball in the bottom corner from 25-30 meters out. Defensively, Penetra looked very solid despite not looking great for Vizela’s 1-1. The defender had a really good timing stepping up. He closed down his opponent aggressively, not giving his opponent any time on the ball and forcing him backwards. The only thing he could have done better in this game was to close the distance to his opponent more and trying to block the opponent’s cross (leading to the 1-1) more. He was too passive, not trying to block the cross. Standing at 1.86 meters with a normal build, Penetra looked very mobile and he also displayed decent athleticism. He looked strong and commanding in aerial duels, displaying good heading ability and also having good jumping reach and confidence in the aerial duels.

Rating – A1

I think that Alexandre Penetra would be a very good right-sided central defender in a three at the back formation. However, I can also see him as a right-back in a defensive-minded 4-4-2 and as a right-sided central defender in a possession-based 4-3-3.


Gustavo Sá

  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Age: 18
  • Date of birth: 11/11/2004
  • Club: FC Famalicão
  • Career: FC Porto (Y), FC Famalicão (Y), FC Famalicão
  • Position: Central Midfield
  • Secondary position: Attacking Midfield, Striker
  • Preferred foot: Right

Gustavo Sa played as an attacking midfielder on paper but mostly operated as a right central midfielder for FC Famalicão against Vizela. Standing at 1.86 meters according to Transfermarkt, the 18-year-old is a tall midfielder. He has a normal build. Despite being pretty tall, Gustavo Sá is very agile, displaying his quick feet and feints in 1v1 duels time after time. He moves really elegantly and smoothly, quickly turning his opponent to playing one-twos with a teammate. Gustavo Sá seemingly did not have great core strength, considering that he lost balance easily and went to the ground quite often. Playing in that right central midfield role, the Portuguese youth international was not that involved in first-phase possession because of the presence of Santiago Colombatto and Gustavo Assunção. However, during the sporadic moments in which he dropped deep, Gustavo Sá switched play well playing the pass at the right tempo and speed.

The midfielder displayed a very good technique during this match. His receiving skills under pressure were really good, always keeping the ball close to him and not allowing his opponent to intercept the ball. Gustavo Sá played with a lot of confidence. He always tried to play out of pressure with a fancy, nice flick or backheel and he very often succeeded. The midfielder made some decent runs into the box and arrived at the right times. He also made some good runs into the channels, exploiting the space between the central defender and full-back very well. Defensively, Gustavo Sá worked hard. He had some good interceptions and did not shy away from physical battles at a young age. Gustavo Sá stuck out his relatively long legs at the right time which often helped him to intercept the ball in defensive duels. There was only one moment where he was not positioned well in transition from attacking to defending, leading to a dangerous Vizela counter.

Rating – A2

I think that Gustavo Sá should be monitored by clubs like Benfica, Porto and Ajax. He is a very complete player already at the age of 18. Gustavo Sá has good physicals but can develop his core strength more. His technique is excellent, while he is also intelligent tactically. Gustavo Sá also seems to have the right mindset. He has a very bright future.


Iván Jaime

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Age: 22
  • Date of birth: 26/09/2000
  • Club: FC Famalicão
  • Career: Málaga CF (Y), FC Famalicão
  • Position: Attacking Midfield
  • Secondary position: Left-Wing
  • Preferred foot: Right

Ivan Jaime started on the left for Famalicão in their 2-1 win over FC Vizela. The versatile winger stands at approximately 1.78 meters with a relatively slim build. Ivan Jaime has very good speed carrying the ball forward and likes to beat his marker using his good bursts of speed. The midfielder has the ability to glide past opponent because of his good changes of direction, balance, fluid movement and speed. Ivan Jaime does get lost in his own dribbles and actions sometimes, because he occasionally displays tunnel vision in the final third which is a very important aspect he needs to work on towards the future. One of his good dribbles led to Famalicão’s 1-0 and he was on the end of a good attack leading to the winning goal. He also tried to take too many risks near his own goal twice, both situations leading to possession loss and a chance for Vizela. Ivan Jaime is a very good dribbler, but he really needs to stop trying to dribble out of trouble near his own box or to overcomplicate his dribbles by taking on too many opponents.

Ivan Jaime managed to dictate play more and more when he dropped deep during the times that Famalicão had settled possession on Vizela’s half. He progressed the ball with his carries and tried to play quick combinations down the middle, which did not work that well in this match. However, Ivan Jaime often progresses the ball into the opponent’s final third and is a very threatening player for the opponent. Ivan Jaime has a very good technique, playing one-touch passes with ease and displaying great close control in small spaces. Defensively, Ivan Jaime showed great aggressiveness and persistence in defensive duels, showing that he wanted to win back possession. One of these moments led to a yellow card because he was overeager to win back possession, leading to a late challenge.

Rating – A2

If Ivan Jaime can add more goal contributions to his repertoire, I think mid-table La Liga teams could be a good next destination for the Famalicão star. I don’t think he currently has the level to have a meaningful impact at Benfica, but things can change quickly in football.


  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Age: 19
  • Date of birth: 02/01/2004
  • Club: FC Famalicão
  • Career: FC Famalicão (Y)
  • Position: Striker
  • Secondary position: Winger
  • Preferred foot: Right

Pablo played as Famalicão’s right-winger in this match, while he also played next to striker Jhonder Cadiz in some situations. The Brazilian attacker started off the match very nervous, miscontrolling multiple balls and not being able to keep the ball close to him. The ball bounced off his feet multiple times. Later in the game, Pablo seemingly got rid of his nervousness and started showing his decent technique much more. He did much better to control the ball in small spaces but was still unvisible throughout the match. Pablo only completed 5 passes and he only had 25 touches. Playing as a winger, Pablo usually operated in the right half-space but he preferred to move even more centrally. The Brazilian liked to make runs into the box and at 1.84 meters, he could have possibly been very dangerous in front of goal. However, because he did not have a goal attempt with his head I am not sure how good he is at heading.

During the times that Pablo received the ball out wide, he tried to cross the ball into the box but his crosses were very bad, not reaching his teammate once. The Brazilian hit it under the ball way too much meaning that the ball floated out of play. Pablo failed to get past his marker in attacking 1v1 duels because he seemingly did not have the skills or acceleration to beat his marker. Defensively, Pablo worked really hard. He showed great persistence and tenacity to win back possession. Pablo even won back possession in Vizela’s defensive third once, leading to a very dangerous situation in front of Vizela’s goal.

Rating – B2

I do think that there is some potential there, but he probably was not used in the right role and he seemingly felt uncomfortable playing in this position. He does need to get rid of his nervousness, but I am curious to see him play for the U23’s as a striker, because I don’t think he will keep his place in the starting line-up with Ivo Rodrigues performing well coming on as a sub.


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