Mor Ndiaye (GD Estoril-Praia) – Scout Report

After a trial period at various European clubs, which included a visit to AS Roma, Mor Ndiaye chose the city of Porto for one last attempt to settle in the Old Continent. Things worked out well, and the 18-year-old Senegalese took his place on the FC Porto team that won the UEFA Youth League. In the following years, he joined the Dragons’ secondary squad, but injuries and a less favorable context did not allow him the continuity to show his quality. Last summer, he moved to the Cascais Line, where he has been a cornerstone in GD Estoril-Praia.

At 1.85 meters tall, the young Senegalese is endowed with a mesomorphic morphology: while his lower limbs are slender, his torso is, through his shoulders, noticeably wider. This morphology gives him a robust look, allowing him to be strong in one-on-one duels and protecting possession. In addition, he has an absurd lung capacity, enabling him to withstand 90 minutes of a game at a high pace without any noticeable physical weakness. His physical ability often expressed in his speed, is also reflected in how he can cover large defensive zones, making him an omnipresent player on the pitch, especially when the opposition invades his defensive zone.

Mor’s competitive attitude prevents him from hiding from the game at the defensive moment. However, in the offensive moment, the player has much to gain if he starts showing more. The player can recover balls through his defensive ability (well-done contention and coverage), values possession, and always gives it to his colleagues in the best conditions. However, it stops there. Still, he demonstrates quality in passing and transport capacity. He can make vertical passes with ease and frequently burn pressure lines.

Tactically, the player of GD Estoril-Praia shows good decision-making in the simplicity of his actions, which allows him to succeed in the course of the game, both from an offensive and defensive point of view. He is a player who knows how to occupy his space during the offensive moment, offering pass lines and appearing as a free man to have the ball. Also, defensively, he always knows how to position himself in front of the defensive line or when he is forced to insert himself in it.

Mor Ndiaye has a huge progression margin should he continue to be an option at GD Estoril-Praia. He needs to play to put all his quality on the field. I expect a return to a club of the same level as FC Porto if he continues within the good context that the club of the Cascais Line provides him.

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