Ariel Suarez (Orense SC) – Scout Report

Ariel Suárez is an 18-year-old left-winger who will move to the youth academy of Flamengo from Orense SC. The Ecuadorian winger impressed for Orense SC in the Copa Libertadores U20 and is reportedly on the verge of joining Flamengo SC.

Standing at 1.77 meters with a slim build, Ariel Suárez has a decent frame for a winger but needs to bulk up a bit. The Ecuadorian moves very smoothly. He is light-footed, meaning that he has good changes of speed. Suárez is capable of beating his opponent by pace, but can also utilise his quick changes of directions and feints to get away from his marker. Suárez has good agility and is capable of maintaining his intensity for 90 minutes.

Generally, Ariel Suárez has a pretty good technique. His passing technique over short and medium-long distances is good and secure. Suárez even is capable of putting in outside-of-the-boot crosses to assist his teammate. His weak foot is decent, but not great. His shooting technique from long range can be a bit wild, as he does not quite have the power to really create any danger from far out. Suárez’s dribbling technique is a bit inconsistent. He needs to learn to look over the ball while dribbling, as he sometimes seems to lose the ball out of sight which subsequently means that he loses control over the ball.

Suárez is very good at finding space in the box or between the lines. He is always capable of sneaking away from his marker and often receives the ball in space. Suárez does well to take a positive touch often and often immediately faces the right direction. He is able to do this because he scans well before receiving. He sometimes dribbles into congested areas and can get lost in his own actions sometimes.

His decision-making can be a bit average at times, shooting from far out or not spotting his teammates in space and dribbling into congested areas instead. However, he has pretty good vision and does well to spot his teammates in space at times, if he looks over the ball.

Going from the Orense SC youth academy to the Flamengo youth academy is quite a big step, but playing for the under 20s of Flamengo can really help him develop and I think that it is a very nice step for Suárez. I hope he gets the right guidance and that he stays on the right path. If he does so, we could see Suárez in the Brazilian Serie A in a few years.

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