Johan Bångsbo (IFK Göteborg) – Scout Report

Player Profile:

  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Age: 20
  • Date of birth: 10/02/2003
  • Current club: IFK Goteborg
  • Career: IFK Goteborg
  • Position: Centre-Back
  • Height: 1.91 CM
  • Preferred foot: Left

Johan Bångsbo is a centre-back who currently plays for IFK Goteborg in the Swedish Allsvenskan. He is very confident and composed in possession, always takes an extra touch (when necessary), to draw in the press and play through the opponent. Additionally, he’s a willing ball carrier and would penetrate the space in order to create his own passing options, also displayed good use of the body to negate the opposition. Johan displayed real maturity in possession and a clear understanding of when to retain and recycle possession and when to play through the lines. When he wants to up the tempo he’ll look to play longer (to pin the opposition), clipped balls into channels and switches – for the most part, his switches and clipped balls into channels are very accurate. In the rest defence you’ll see Johan pick up a quarter back like position, where he can utilise his passing range.

Johan wants to be tight with the opposition, where he can be physical and limit their movement and utilise his body strength. If the opposition CF drops off the line to receive, Johan is quick to make the decision to close him down and restrict his movement. Likewise, when defending in a low block/ in the penalty box, he looked to limit space and time on the ball for the opposition. Johan displayed good awareness and positioning in the box while defending from crosses, when on the right flank he’ll pick a up zonal position covering the first post (if he’s the free man), clearing any balls in that area. And when the cross is on the left flank he’s alert and picks up the runs and ensures he’s tight and goal side of the opponent – if he can get a foot into clear the ball he will, otherwise he looks to make himself as big as possible to prevent the shot.

While defending in a higher line, Johan will pick and chose the right moments to press. When the LB is pressing, you’ll see Johan look to contribute to the press, by pressing the last line player on the left flank. Additionally, Johan positions his body well for balls over the top, despite not being the fastest, the way he positions his body allows him to react faster and get a head start – if he is side-by-side with opposition he’s confident in his physical strength to shepherd them off. If the ball was to go to the feet of the opposition, Johan will just look to delay him or put a challenge in.

Johan is a very exciting CB, with a lot of top 5 league attributes already. He’s demonstrated his ability to dictate the tempo of the game, and the variety in his defensive attributes. He’s particularly strong on the ball, especially when playing through the lines. It’s worth noting that the area’s of improvement are:

  • He needs to react faster to 2nd balls in the box and step up faster and close off the shooting angle.
  • Not to focus entirely on 1 man when defending in the box, vs BK Häcken he would at times leave the LB isolated or vs a numerical superiority.
  • When defending in a low block, he needs to be quicker in stepping up.

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