Eom Ji-Sung (Gwangju FC) – Scout Report

Ji-Sung Eom is a 21-year-old winger from South Korea who plays for Gwangju FC. Ji-Sung Eom thrived last season scoring 9 goals and assisting 1 time (28 apps) and winning promotion back to the K League 1. So far he’s impressed, despite playing for “the most un-inform team in the league” (at the time of writing).


Player Profile:

  • Nationality: South Korea
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: 09/05/2002
  • Current club: Gwangju FC
  • Career: Gwangju FC , Gwangju FC (Y), Gochangbuk Middle School (Y)
  • Position: LW
  • Secondary Position: RW, CAM
  • Preferred foot: Right

Standing at 1,74 m Eom Ji-Sung has an impressive physical profile, despite his height. He possesses a great centre of gravity and impressive agility. In summary, Eom Ji-Sung wants to use his ability to manipulate the ball, combined with changing direction rapidly and accelerating past the opposition. So far this season Eom Ji-Sung has improved in duels winning 57%, in comparison to last season’s 42% win rate. He uses his body strength well in duels and is smart at winning fouls, winning 3.41 fouls p/90, which is very similar to the number of fouls Jack Grealish wins p/90.


Technically, the 21-year-old is excellent. He’s very comfortable using both feet – as he predominantly plays on the LW, the opposition will look to show him down the line, where he’s more than capable of putting in an excellent cross with his weaker foot, his left foot. He has a cross-accuracy of 44%. Eom Ji-Sung is very calculated when crossing and has a clear understanding of what cross is needed in the current situation, whether it’s a clip to the back post or firing it across the 6-yard box. 

Eom Ji-Sung has the ability to beat his opponent with neat close control and with his quick natural instincts. With his stronger foot being his right he does look to cut inside and run at the opposition, however, as previously mentioned he’s more than comfortable going down the line. Eom Ji-Sung looks to manipulate the ball by using his body and his body faints to beat his opposite number.

Eom Ji-Sung typically shoots from outside the box, when he cuts in from the left wing, while most of the attempts at times are speculative but he does normally work the goalkeeper. However, when in the box he’s composed and clinical and shows a wide variation of shots – low and pacey across the goalkeeper, under the goalkeeper, and using the opposition to bend the ball around.

Eom Ji-Sung has a mature tactical understanding and is constantly showing signs of development. His off-the-ball movement in an attacking sense and ball retention sense is top and is a constant thorn in the side for the opposition. While playing in wider positions, Eom Ji-Sung looks to pull the opposition full-back wide and then make a run inside. 

When Gwanju is in advanced possession, Eom Ji-Sung will pick up positions either out wide on the line, occupying the cover of his opposite number, or will look to move into half-spaces where he can link the ball and progress it into the opposition’s box. Additionally, he has a strong connection with the left-back and knows when to take up positions off the line to give the overlapping left-back space.

Eom Ji-Sung has a good understanding of when to attack the opposition and when to preserve possession and recycle the ball. At times his shot/dribble selection can be frustrating, where he’ll elect to take on the opposition rather than playing the pass, being the better option. 


Defensively, Eom Ji-Sung is energetic and a willing presser and has a good understanding of when to drop back and support the left-back to avoid 1v1 situations. He’s also strong in the tackle and won’t back out from a challenge. 

With regard to his psychological profile, Eom Ji-Sung has a top work ethic, defensively and offensively. He’s very energetic with his movement and uses his instincts well to beat the opposition. It’s obvious he’s a humble and hardworking player and is willing to go the extra mile for his team.

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