Beni Mukendi (CD Trofense) – Scout Report

This report was originally written in July 2022 for our 10k followers special which you can find here. Since writing the report, Mukendi has made a transfer to Casa Pia AC.

Beni Mukendi is an Angolan playing for the Portuguese side of Trofense. He was a constant presence in their starting lineup in the second half of last season, making way for the opportunity to be called up and debut for Angola’s first team in a friendly last March. Beni is right footed and can occupy different positions in the midfield, even though he mainly plays as a right central midfielder.

The 20-year-old is a very powerful player. Standing at 180 cm, he makes great use of his physicality and stamina to dominate the pitch, being able to commit both defensively and offensively throughout the entire game. He is positively aggressive and can quickly recover the ball by pressing his opponents, showing decent pace and acceleration despite his height. In addition, Beni is also strong in aerial duels.

Beni Mukendi also shows ball control. He likes to use his body to shield the ball in order to progress further up the pitch to reach more attacking positions. He commonly plays long-range passes from deep or tries to “play it simple” connecting with the players around him. Beni has good passing and receiving skills overall. However, he still needs to improve his attacking output. His passing in the final third is still a bit inconsistent and he also needs to work on his shooting technique. There are several situations where he has a good opportunity and shoots from range, but the technique and accuracy aren’t very good.

Tactically, the Angolan shows great sense of positioning especially when defending. He can intercept the ball multiple times throughout the game and positions himself well to press opponents. Additionally, he is strong in defensive duels, even though he could improve his tackling timings. Beni performs well even when pressured, mainly by using his physicality. Finally, he demonstrates great vision to put his teammates into dangerous positions.

Beni Mukendi has the traits and potential to become a strong box-to-box midfielder. Nonetheless, to get to the next level he needs to improve his attacking output and his involvement in the final third. I truly think he can establish himself as a definite starter for Trofense and has the potential to at least reach the Portuguese first division. He would suit a club that plays defensively and on the counter. His long-range passes and ability to progress with the ball further up the pitch by using his physicality, would make him a great fit in such a system.

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