Layan Loor (Universidad Católica) – Scout Report

Layan Loor is a 21-year-old left-back of Universidad Católica. The Ecuadorian defender came through Universidad Católica’s youth academy and made his debut for the first team in 2022, quickly conquering a place in the starting line-up and already playing 23 matches for Universidad Católica. Layan Loor is currently a starter for El Trencito Azul, but manager Miguel Rondelli sometimes chooses Gustavo Cortez ahead of the 21-year-old left-back.

Standing at around 1.75 meters with a small build, Loor has a pretty small frame. The Ecuadorian has very good acceleration and can maintain that speed over long distances. Because he is not the tallest defender, he is pretty vulnerable in aerial duels as he also does not have a great leap. Loor sometimes struggles in physical duels against strong, tall opponents but generally holds his own well in physical duels. This is mainly because of his aggressiveness in the duels. Loor has good agility and changes of direction when sprinting. The Ecuadorian also has good stamina and is a dynamic player, often running up and down the wing for 90 minutes long and showing good intensity. Loor always shows great composure.

Layan Loor has good receiving skills and ball control under pressure. The Ecuadorian does not need many touches on the ball and is comfortable playing one- or two-touch football on both his own half and in the final third. This, and his decent dribbling ability, makes him a press-resistant left-back. He can get his marker pretty easily and makes his actions with good speed. His passing technique over short and long distances is good. Loor does not have a great passing range, but is capable of playing over the top through passes down the line pretty well. The Ecuadorian youngster has a good crossing technique, often getting his cross into good areas. His crosspassing technique, when he tries to switch play, is average.

In matches where Universidad Católica are the better team and build-up, Loor usually positions himself very high up the pitch operating as a winger. In more balanced matches, he usually stays on his own half in the first phase of the build-up. He always stays close to the touchline. Loor tends to go for short passes or for a dribble, but also likes to play over the top through passes down the line when there aren’t many options. The Ecuadorian likes to join the attack and makes many good overlapping runs.

Defensively, Loor tends to track his opponent throughout the entire match and he often leaves the defensive line. He can sometimes get caught out of position. Loor covers Ordóñez’s (LCB) back well when dealing with crosses from the wing. The Ecuadorian reacts quickly to direction changes in the defensive 1v1 duels. He does not often get dribbled past. It occasionally happens that he loses his opponent in the box when dealing with set-pieces.

Layan Loor is a pretty well-rounded left-back and has only made his debut for Universidad Católica this season. I would like him to improve his defensive positioning/decision-making and his vision when putting in crosses could also be better. All in all, I think that Layan Loor is a late bloomer who has good potential. I think he needs to stay at Universidad Católica in 2022 and the first half of 2023, but the summer of 2023 could be the ideal moment to move to one of the better clubs in Argentina, the MLS or a big team in Belgium. He is an interesting left-back for attacking-minded teams that play in a 4-3-3.

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