SD Aucas – Match Report vs. Delfin 14-10-2020

SD Aucas managed to get a 2-2 draw away from home against Delfin. They set up in a 4-2-3-1 formation and liked to pass it around in midfield as they have some decent ball-playing midfielders in their squad. Delfin managed to be dangerous on the counter in the first ten minutes but Aucas dominated play after the first ten minutes. In the end they managed to score a very good teamgoal at the end of the first half in injury time. Delfin got back into the game and even scored the 2-1 in the second haf, but Aucas successfully looked for the equalizer near the end of the match.


  • A1 – Very good, could play higher
  • A2 – Strong potential to play higher
  • B1 – Good, strong player at level
  • B2 – Potential to be strong player at level
  • C – Average for the level, re-watch
  • D – Below average in this match

Jhon Espinoza

  • Nationality: Ecuadorian
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: 24-02-1999
  • Club: SD Aucas
  • Career: Academia Toreros (Y), San Antonio FC, Independiente del Valle (L), CD Clan Juvenil (Y), Deportivo Cuenca, SD Aucas (L), SD Aucas
  • Position: Right Back
  • Preferred foot: Right

Jhon Espinoza played as the right-back in the match against Delfin. He covered the back of Mina very well when he missed the interception but got beat in the 2v1 situation which he could not do much about. It did not lead to a big chance though. Espinoza showed good defensive vision in more situations as he stayed narrow and covered the back of his teammates a lot which prevented some danger. Also, the Ecuadorian right-back showed great recovery speed. He looked very strong in the duels and had good pace, while also being quite agile. At last, he did well to stay narrow to provide cover during crosses of the opponent.

What was even more impressive was his ability on the ball. He made a good overlapping run in the 6th minute which could have led to a big chance if he could have connected with the ball better. He did show good vision though to spot his teammate in space and did not blindly cross the ball into the box. Espinoza tried to carry the ball inside a few times and this led to a few opportunities in which he probably should have looked up to see where he could pass it to rather than shooting it. However, he showed really good dribbling ability. The 21-year-old right-back was able to break lines with his passing and did this with both his right and left foot. He added a lot of ball-playing ability to Aucas’s side and should try to be involved in the attacking play even more.

Rating – A1

He is ready for the next step based on this match and I can see him moving to Independiente del Valle as an Angelo Preciado replacement. However, I think that he could already move to LaLiga2 or to a mid- to lower table team in Portugal.

Richard Mina

  • Nationality: Ecuadorian
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: 22-07-1999
  • Club: SD Aucas
  • Career: El Nacional (Y), Técnico Universitario, SD Aucas
  • Position: Central Back
  • Secondary position: Right-Back
  • Preferred foot: Right

Richard Mina played as the right central defender in the match against Delfin. The Ecuadorian central defender missed an interception earlier on in the game but he was lucky that Jhon Espinoza covered his back. The 21-year-old got in front of his opponent sporadically and was very aggressive in doing so. He did not come into the duels that often though. He did not look incredibly agile in the duels and even though he is 1.84m, he could not use his physique to win duels. When he recovered possession, he did not take any risks and often just played the ball over the sideline rather than trying to look for teammates. In the build-up he was not that great either and he just played sideways passes while not looking that confident on the ball.

Rating – B2

There is not too much to say about this performance as the quality of the stream was not optimal and I mainly focused on Jhon Espinoza.

Janus Vivar

  • Nationality: Ecuadorian
  • Age: 22
  • Date of birth: 07-09-1998
  • Club: SD Aucas
  • Career: CS Norte América (Y), Deportivo Azogues (L), SD Aucas (L), CSD Del Valle, SD Aucas (L), SD Aucas, CD América (L)
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Secondary position: Left Wing & Attacking Midfield
  • Preferred foot: Left

Janus Vivar played as a left winger in the match against Delfin. When Aucas were building up, he would often stay quite high up the pitch and stick close to the sideline to provide width for the Ecuadorian club. Vivar really liked to move inwards while making a run in behind but did not time his run that well as he was caught offside in at least one occasion. However, he showed very good acceleration in these situations which was interesting to see. His build – he is only 1.66m – does not allow him to keep his speed on the long run though. The Ecuadorian winger was not that involved in the build-up play as Aucas mainly focused on the central zones and the right wing. When he did get on the ball, he liked to carry the ball inside with the ball on his left foot but he often looked clueless when he got into the 1v1 duels with the full-back.

Rating – C

Had an average match and looked clueless in some situations. Again, the quality of the stream was not that optimal which was not ideal when trying to keep track of multiple players.

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