Dynamo Kiev – Match Report vs Kolos Kovalivka 22/06/20

Kolos Kovalivka came 6th in the Ukrainian League regular season, taking the final Championship Group spot. They’re bottom of the Championship Group, losing all 5 matches so far. Dynamo are 2nd in the group, 2 points behind Shakhtar Donetsk. Dynamo set up in a 4-3-3, pressing high at times and forcing the opposition backwards, which triggered more pressure. Their wingers and full backs were versatile and changed their roles throughout, able to more narrow, provide width or make runs into space on the far side. Dynamo came out as 2-1 winners with all three goals being penalties, Kolos also missed a penalty in the first half. Neither team was able to create many clear cut chances and it was decided by penalties. Kolos also played with 10 men for the last 25 minutes and the 9 minutes of stoppage time.


  • A1 – Very good, could play higher
  • A2 – Strong potential to play higher
  • B1 – Good, strong player at level
  • B2 – Potential to be strong player at level
  • C – Average for the level, re-watch
  • D – Below average in this match

Denys Popov

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: 17/02/1999
  • Current Club: Dynamo Kiev
  • Career: Dynamo Kiev
  • Position: Centre Half
  • Preferred foot: Right

At 6’2″ Popov is a dominant centre half. He’s lean and muscular with a decent frame. With a good leap he was very strong in the air throughout this match, stepping out of the high defensive line to win aerial duels often. He showed good strength in challenges and was also a set piece threat.

He showed decent speed over short distances and was a powerful runner, he carried to ball into space and drove into midfield once with okay control. His touch was good and his passing accurate but needed some more pace at times. He grew into the game in terms of his passing, at the start they would slightly lifted but became smoother and he made a few good long passes, with a ball down the right channel and a diagonal ball to the left wing, both with good weight and maybe something he should have looked to do more.

Playing in the high defensive line, he got dragged out of position too easily at times. The oppositions target man would drop deep or slightly wide at times and Popov didn’t need to always follow. Dynamo’s right back was fairly defensive and was selective about when to push up, he covered Povov well when he left his position and due to the defensive nature of Kolos, there wasn’t much threat anyway and Popov following his man to then win the header was effective even if he could have been more disciplined. The right back being back a lot also meant that Popov wasn’t exposed to 1v1 situations much, the one he was in he had good body position but could have shown him onto his weaker foot more and allowed him to go on the outside, he used a feint before a sharp change of direction to go outside and knock it past Popov, who was sold by the feint inside and therefore fouled as he went the other way. Turning speed and agility could be something to work on but I’d need to see him again. He was calm when dealing with loose balls and long passes, able to go back the keeper and not overplay but didn’t rush or panic.

Rating – A1

Overall, the 21 year old international had a strong game. He’s a physical, aggression, dominant centre half who would be scary to play against. He’s able on the ball but speed could be an issue but didn’t have to use it much today so I’d like to see him again. He’s rumoured to be available for €15m and has been linked with AC Milan.

Vitaliy Mykolenko

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Age: 20
  • Date of birth: 29/05/1999
  • Current Club: Dynamo Kiev
  • Career: Dynamo Kiev
  • Position: Left Back
  • Preferred foot: Left

Playing at left back, Mykolenko was a constant threat going forward down the left wing. He constantly looked to make forward runs into wide space, which were regularly used and got him into dangerous wide positions. He was also able to overlap into the box and make runs at the back post. He was deep during buildup and comfortable on the ball but if play was slow and not really able to progress the ball he’s look to make a darted run into wide space and be a long option to spring them into a fast attack. He read space well and showed great work rate and committment to chase balls forward, some of which were overhit. Unfortunately he lacked final product on the day despite getting into dangerous positions. His crossing was poor and too deep, often going around the penalty spot or edge of the box instead of the 6 yard line. Teammates either couldn’t get on the end of them or weren’t able to produce a good chance from them. His cut backs were better and getting to the byline more could have been effective. His earlier crosses needed work though to improve his technique and versatility in the type of cross.

He’s 5’11” with a good build and solid pace and great stamina. He pushed forward with dangerous runs but tracked back well and was sound defensively. He was decent 1v1 but a little passive, with good positioning and solid footwork and body position. His recovery defending was good and he was able to see long balls out of play well. He did well under pressure and showed good strength in the challenge and to protect the ball.

He was calm on the ball and dealt with pressure. His passing in midfield and buildup was fairly good and looked to find players inside between the lines or play down the line if his winger was wide. He carried to ball at times, showing good speed with the ball and good deceleration. He didn’t look to take on his man often but carried into space and looked to knock the ball past defenders when he was able to drive at the defence.

Rating – A1

Mykolenko is physical hardworking full backs who is effective in attack and defence. He’s well rounded and could improve across the board but didn’t have an obvious weakness from this game and at 20 has a lot of time to improve. He gave away a penalty but it was soft and unlucky rather than a big error from him.

Georgiy Tsitaishvili

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Age: 19
  • Date of birth: 18/11/2000
  • Current Club: Dynamo Kiev
  • Career: Dynamo Kiev
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Preferred foot: Left

Tsitaishvili came off at half time after a disappointing fist half. He picked up a yellow card for a dive and went on to do a few fouls that were avoidable so was rightfully taken off. He had good intensity but inconsistently and seemed to switch off at times, he pressed high and tracked back a few times really well but then also didn’t react to his striker holding up the ball in the corner and didn’t make enough dangerous runs if he ball wasn’t on his wing. He has great acceleration but is quite left footed and failed to have an impact on the first half, so there really isn’t much to say on him.

Rating – D

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