Girondins de Bordeaux – Match Report vs Olympique Marseille 08/12/19

Despite Marseille eventually winning 3-1, neither side was able to create many clear chances in the match. Bordeaux sat deep for large periods of the game and challenged Marseille to break them down, and as a result Marseille dominated possession but did find it tricky to get past the two banks of four that the opposition had set up in. In the first half, Bordeaux stood firm and managed to take the lead thanks to an Adli strike from range, and as a result they went into the break with the lead. However, in the second half, a series of mistakes when playing out from the back lead to Bordeaux’s demise. They conceded from a needless corner early on and then gifted Marseille’s second when the central defender gave the ball away on the edge of his own box. Marseille wrapped up the match on the counter attack in the dying minutes, whilst Bordeaux failed to have a shot on goal in the second period.

Bordeaux set up in a 4-4-2 when defending for large periods of the match, but when in possession the right back would tuck in and the left back would push on so the team would shift into a 3-4-3. They looked solid defensively for the most part, yet they shot themselves in the foot somewhat by giving the ball away sloppily in dangerous areas when in possession and aside from the goal from range and one Maja shot, they failed to provide any threat to the opposition goal. The game plan may have worked as Marseille struggled to break them down from open play, but the failure to keep the ball coupled with the lack of goal threat meant that the scoreline was probably justified.


  • A1 – Very good, could play higher
  • A2 – Strong potential to play higher
  • B1 – Good, strong player at level
  • B2 – Potential to be strong player at level
  • C – Average for the level, rewatch
  • D – Below average in this match

Yacine Adli

Player profile:

  • Nationality: French
  • Age: 19
  • Date of birth: 29/07/2000
  • Current Club: Bordeaux
  • Career: PSG, Bordeaux
  • Position: Attacking Midfield
  • Secondary Position: Central Midfield
  • Preferred foot: Right

Yacine Adli put on a promising display for Bordeaux before being withdrawn with an hour played. The 19 year old played as a left midfielder in a 4-4-2 when defending, but then drifted infield when in possession to play as one of two attacking midfielders that played just off the striker in a 3-4-3. When his team had the ball Adli looked dangerous, drifting inside to receive the ball between the lines and using good strength to turn and drive at the opponent. His passing was varied, showing good vision to execute some creative passes, however, he also made a few errors which lead to a loss of possession.

He looked to be a creative force for his team and was the most threatening of the forward players in a match in which his side saw very little of the ball in the opposition half. Adli showed good awareness when making supporting runs, pulling out of attacks to the edge of the box and making dangerous third man runs off the striker. By far his and his team’s best moment of the game was when he received the ball from a lay off from thirty yards and hit a brilliant strike into the top corner, to give Bordeaux the lead.

Defensively, the midfielder tracked the full back competently and was physical in challenges, using his 6’1 sturdy frame to compete well in duels. However, he also made two needless fouls, the first of which he received a yellow card for just before the half time whistle when he pulled the player back in order to stop a counter attack and the second of which was very similar and he was perhaps lucky not to be sent off as a result. Due to this fact and with Marseille having equalised, Adli was withdrawn on the hour mark.

Overall, Adli looked a very promising player with his movement and creativity, but in this game he needed to take better care of the ball at times and be careful when committing fouls despite his eagerness to do his best for the team.

Rating: A2

Josh Maja

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: 27/12/1998
  • Current Club: Bordeaux
  • Career: Sunderland, Bordeaux
  • Position: Striker
  • Preferred foot: Right

Josh Maja showed glimpses of quality despite his team struggling to provide much of an attacking threat. Playing as the main striker for his team, he worked hard to close down the defenders and chase loose balls and despite appearing quite slight in build, the 6 foot forward challenged well for aerial duels.

In possession he was generally good with his back to goal, using his body well to hold up the play and lay off the ball to his teammates. He did make a couple of loose passes to lose the ball cheaply but also had a decent burst of pace and quick feet when dribbling. Despite his ability to hold up the ball, Maja struggled in shoulder to shoulder duels, being muscled off the ball too easily which allowed Marseille to retain possession and build out from the back. Maja didn’t run the channels often, preferring to receive the ball to feet, but did show dangerous movement to role his defender and fire a shot straight at the keeper.

Overall, Maja struggled to have much of an impact in this game due to Marseille’s dominance of the ball and Bordeaux’s inability to build from the back, but he did display his abilities on occasion.

Rating: B2

Aurelien Tchouameni

Player profile:

  • Nationality: French
  • Age: 20
  • Date of birth: 27/01/2000
  • Current Club: AS Monaco
  • Career: Bordeaux, AS Monaco
  • Position: Defensive Midfield
  • Secondary Position: Central Midfield
  • Preferred foot: Right

Proceeding to sign for AS Monaco in the January transfer window, Tchouameni had quite a quiet game in midfield in one of his last matches for Bordeaux. In possession, he had very little impact for large periods of the game, but when he did get the ball, he was quite inconsistent. He demonstrated his vision by making one or two nice switches or passes into the forwards, yet he also made several loose passes to give away possession in his own half. He showed awareness when receiving the ball to turn and look forward, but sometimes appeared to lack confidence and decided to opt for simple options rather than progressive passes.

Tchouameni was playing as a more defensive minded central midfielder in this match, and made a couple of solid challenges to win possession as well as covering to make blocks and interceptions for his team. For the most part he stood up his man well to try and force him away from goal, and at 6’1 and with a solid build the Frenchman was able to compete aerially and in shoulder to shoulder duels. However, the 20 year old was also caught flat footed on a couple of occasions, allowing him to be easily beaten for Marseille’s second and letting the midfielder runner get across him once or twice.

Overall, Tchouameni had some quality on the ball and displayed some impressive defensive attributes but was unable to really impact the game at any stage.

Rating: B2

Vukasin Jovanovic

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Serbian
  • Age: 24
  • Date of birth: 17/05/1996
  • Current Club: Bordeaux
  • Career: Red Star Belgrade, Zenit St. Petersburg, Bordeaux, Eibar (L)
  • Position: Centre Back
  • Secondary Position: Right Back
  • Preferred foot: Right

Although Jovanovic did display some potential, the Serbian had quite a poor game against Marseille. Playing as the right back in Bordeaux’s defensive 4- 4-2, and then as a centre back in the possession triggered 3-4-3, he was unable to produce a consistent performance in defence or attack. With the ball at his feet, he made some good progressive passes along the floor out wide or into the midfield and was more than happy to go backwards or sideways, but he also made some poor passes to lose possession and was tackled in a dangerous area at one stage. The 24 year old also made some wayward clearances that either unnecessarily went out of play or straight to the opposition. The centre back very rarely dribbled with the ball and did not seem overly confident.

Defensively, the Serbian was beaten in one v one situations far too easily on a few occasions, allowing the winger on their stronger foot and not getting close enough. He was slow when getting out to meet the attacker and although he did stand up well and make some tackles, he was inconsistent when the opposition was running at him. Furthermore, despite being 6’2, he lost the header for Marseille’s first goal, allowing the attacker to get a run on him in Bordeaux’s zonal marking system. When he did get close enough to the attacker, he was generally good at making clean tackles and using his strength but his lack of pace hindered him.

Overall, in a match in which Bordeaux found themselves on the back foot for long periods, Jovanovic sometimes struggled against the movement of the Marseille forwards and just like the rest of the defence, struggled to consistently find passes when playing out from the back.

Rating: C


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