Michael Bermudez (LDU Quito) – Scout Report

Michael Bermudez is a 17-year-old striker who plays in the youth academy for LDU Quito. The youngster was picked up by LDU Quito’s youth academy in 2018 and has gradually moved up to the under 19’s, while he also already played one match for the under 21’s in 2021 at the age of just 15. Bermudez is a star player for Ecuador under 17, leading the under 17’s to World Cup qualification alongside Kendry Páez and Keny Arroyo. The young Ecuadorian has already signed a deal with Adidas.

Standing at around 1.75 – 1.80 meters with a slim build, Michael Bermudez is not the most physically imposing striker. Though, Bermudez uses his body extremely well in physical duels to protect the ball and maintain possession. He also displays decent strength in duels with his back towards the goal. Bermudez has explosive speed over short distances and is also very quick over longer distances. His low centre of gravity allows him to turn sharply, while he also displays good footwork and flexibility in small spaces. Bermudez has inconsistent timing in aerial duels but his jumping reach is good.

Michael Bermudez sometimes plays as a winger for LDU Quito U19, while he mostly plays as a striker or second striker (if Obando plays too) for Ecuador U17. He can sometimes be slightly invisible for LDU Quito U19 because of their problems building it out from the back, but Bermudez always manages to get at least once chance showing great perseverance and determination to keep going until the last minute. He is a decent presser. He can have the tendency to sporadically get annoyed at his teammates during the match. Bermudez is right-footed and has a functional left foot, even though he should develop his left foot even further. He has a good first touch in duels with his back towards the goal but occasionally turns the wrong way despite displaying quick feints. Bermudez rarely fails to control aerial balls well. He is comfortable playing one-touch football in small spaces. The Ecuadorian’s long passing is decent but slightly inconsistent.

The striker makes a lot of well-timed runs in behind throughout the match. He knows when and where to make runs and is very dangerous with his runs. His ball-carrying is decent but could be improved as he sometimes fails to keep the ball close to him. Bermudez uses quick feints in attacking 1v1s and often successfully manages to take on his opponent when he runs at them. He finds space in the box incredibly well, displaying excellent poaching instincts. Bermudez has excellent composure in the box and final third, almost always making the right decision even though his final ball isn’t always perfect. He strikes the ball from range really well with good results, being able to score from distance. His heading ability could be improved.

I think that Michael Bermudez is one of the most talented players in Ecuador in his age group. He has explosive speed, uses his body very well, has excellent poaching instincts, a very good technique and good finishing ability. I think he will make his debut for LDU Quito this year but that depends on their manager, who is reluctant to let youth products play as Oscar Zambrano currently sits on the bench too. Michael Bermudez has the potential to become a starter for at least Europa League clubs in the top 5 leagues. He would be a good signing for clubs at the level of Club Brugge (Club NXT), Ajax (Jong Ajax) and PSV (Jong PSV). Though, PSV is unlikely with the presence of the Van Duiven brothers.

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