Fabricio Díaz (Liverpool FC Montevideo) – Sudamericano U20 Report

When head coach Diego Alonso announced the Uruguayan pre-selection for the World Cup in Qatar, some interesting names could be found. One of the previously unknown names was that of Fabricio Diaz. The 20-year-old midfielder was playing strongly at his club, Liverpool FC Montevideo. Diaz is not only a regular for his country’s u20s but also for his club. With over 100 games now, he was on the list of players with the most games before their 20th birthday last seasons. Many teams from the top five leagues are keeping an eye on him. In this tournament, he is proving that this interest is not unjustified.

It is not difficult to see the midfielder’s main qualities. Leadership and charisma, are the 2 words that perfectly describe the kind of player he is. As such, he is the captain of this team for a reason. The combination of these qualities gives him a great advantage at this age. He dares to take risks in passing, coach fellow players and take everyone in tow.


With ball at foot, those leadership qualities also come out, he sets the pace. He often looks for and finds space which can provide the necessary acceleration in the game. But he can also do the other, claiming a ball and briefly slowing down the pace is no problem either.

Defensively, he is an unmissable link. With 5 duels (2 aerial + 3 ground duels), all of which were successful, you can quickly see why. He reads the game perfectly and anticipates at the perfect moment. His aggressive (defensive) style ensures that he often flies in his duels. Something that can bring unnecessary risks, but he knows how to limit them well.

Although his game tends more towards the defensive side, he can also be a fine box-to-box midfielder. He often looks for the attacking pass, dares to make an action and has a high efficiency in his actions. With 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 games, that is also reflected in the statistics this tournament. With ball at foot, the goal-oriented midfielder is often the man who can break down the opponent’s lines. Whether with an offensive pass (visual example below) or a dribble, you can see that he dares to infiltrate a defensive block.


Fabricio Diaz is 1m76 tall but that certainly does not make him any less dominant in (aerial) duels. He shows guts and possesses a muscular physique, something that often takes him very far in duels.

After this tournament, interest in Diaz will rise again. He is one of the most important players at this tournament and could become the key figure for the final win. A team playing with high pressure and high intensity should be more than interested in his profile.

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