Keny Arroyo (Independiente del Valle) – Scout Report

Keny Arroyo is a 16-year-old (14/02/2006) midfielder who currently plays for Independiente del Valle under 17. He is also a youth international for Ecuador under 17. This year, he was a regular starter for Independiente del Valle under 17, while also playing for the under 16’s at the Adidas Cup in Brazil. I watched Keny Arroyo in regular league matches and the play-offs for the under 17’s of Independiente del Valle, but also in the Adidas Cup for Independiente del Valle under 16 and for Ecuador under 17.

Keny Arroyo stands at around 1.78 meters. He has an average build with somewhat stocky legs. The Ecuadorian youth international tends to stay out of the duels, but holds his own in physical battles. Arroyo has good power in his legs. He has good speed over both short and long distances. Arroyo is a very mobile midfielder; he moves fluidly and is naturlly athletic. The Ecuadorian midfielder has the ability to turn really quickly. He is agile and his quick changes of direction can easily help him to get past his marker or to create extra time and space on the ball.

His technique is what stands out. Arroyo has a good passing technique over short and long distances with both feet. Even though he sometimes mishits his passes, he generally has good passing. Arroyo is really comfortable playing quick combinations in the small spaces. He has an extensive passing range, while also being able to perform several types of passes using different techniques. Arroyo has good close control in small spaces and his receiving skills under pressure are really good. The midfielder can put in very dangerous crosses from deep areas from both wings. His shooting technique is also good, striking the ball really well with both feet and often finding the target. He is very dangerous from set-pieces.

Keny Arroyo is at best on the right of a midfield three as the most advanced midfielder, but he is also capable to play on both wings. He likes to move into wide areas in possession to create space for himself and to provide width for Independiente del Valle. Arroyo has great vision and game intelligence, always knowing where his teammates are and also finding his teammates in space. His excellent passing technique and extensive passing range allows him to play over the top through passes from deep but also to find his teammates in space in the final third. Arroyo is also capable of finding space in behind himself by making good runs in behind. He likes to make runs into the channels in between the central defender and full-back. When put under pressure, Arroyo understands the game well as he often switches play to the full-back who is in acres of space.

As some other under 17 players at Independiente del Valle, Arroyo sometimes has lapses of concentration in games where they are winning quite easily. He always plays with a lot of confidence. The midfielder should be challenged more and will easily adapt to under 19 football.

Looking at the future, I think it is important that Keny Arroyo understands how talented he is, but that he also needs to work very hard to reach his goals. He is one of Independiente del Valle’s biggest talents and has the potential to become a good player in the top 5 leagues. Arroyo has great potential in the technical, tactical, physical and athletic, but it remains the question whether he has the right mindset to fulfill his potential.

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