Sivert Mannsverk (Molde FK) – Scout Report

Sivert Mannsverk is one of the most exciting players currently competing in Noway’s top division, the Eliteserien. The 21-year-old began his career playing for Songdal IL in the second division of Norwegian football. While there, he played over 50 matches and even became captain at the age of 18. His performances earned him a move to Molde in Norway’s first division, where he quickly adapted and became a regular starter halfway through his first season. Since joining the club, he has helped his team win the Norwegian Cup in 2021 and, most recently, clinched the Eliteserien title in 2022. Additionally, Sivert Mannsverk has been a consistent presence in Norway’s youth squads and is currently part of the U-21 squad for the U-21 European Championship.


The 21-year-old generally plays as the central centre-midfielder in Molde’s 3-5-2 formation. Standing at 1.85m tall, Mannsverk is quite an interesting physical presence in the midfield, as he also possesses an athletic build. However, he tends to avoid physical duels and could benefit from improving how he handles his physique, particularly when in possession. His lack of aggressiveness also hinders his performance in this aspect. On another note, Mannsverk exhibits good balance and agility, enabling him to easily execute fluid moves and turns, despite his taller stature. Besides, he has good acceleration and sprint speed, which he can maintain over long distances. Notably, the young midfielder also makes good use of his height to win aerial duels.

In Molde’s formation, Mannsverk typically occupies the position just ahead of their back-three line, assuming the playmaker role when his team is in possession. During matches when the opposing side adopts a more defensive setup, he is often granted the freedom to venture into the final third. It is in these specific types of matches where he truly thrives and better showcases his abilities. 


The young Norwegian midfielder shows excellent technical ability. He is comfortable with both feet and always receives the ball with ease. His decision-making and vision are strong, and he rarely gets caught off guard by opponents. He has good spatial awareness and positioning, allowing him to find open spaces between the lines effectively. These qualities enable him to make quick and successful decisions, utilising his technical skills. However, he could improve his performance under pressure, especially in physical duels where he sometimes struggles. Mannsverk demonstrates excellent composure on the ball and consistently displays precise passing. He predominantly relies on short passes to nearby teammates or distributes the ball to the wings. In the final third, he is equally good, utilising intelligent through or lob passes to position his teammates in dangerous areas. However, it would be beneficial for him to take more risks and attempt long or forward passes to step up his game. On the contrary, he frequently makes progressive carries, standing out due to his quality while doing so. His shooting technique is also good, showcased by the fact that he has already scored three goals this season despite his more defensive role in Molde’s formation. 

As mentioned previously, Mannsverk demonstrates a strong sense of positioning and spatial awareness. He is able to effectively track back during quick transitions and primarily maintains a position in front of the defensive line. Defensively, he does not frequently engage in physical duels due to his lack of aggressiveness and intensity. However, he compensates for this by positioning himself effectively to intercept passes and execute well-timed tackles. Besides, Mannsverk displays the ability to quickly and effectively apply pressure on opponents by stepping out of position when necessary. He prioritises his defensive responsibilities over involvement in the final third, resulting in limited instances of being caught out of position.

In conclusion, Sivert Mannsverk is an extremely promising midfielder who has shown strong leadership qualities from a very young age. He displays exceptional composure on the ball, evident in his precise passing and ability to carry the ball forward. When he also gets the chance to be involved near the final third that is where he truly shines. It would be exciting to see him take more risks with his passing, as this could lead to further improvement in his set of skills. Additionally, he has room for growth in terms of his defensive contributions, specifically in terms of aggressiveness and intensity. Overall, I believe that by the end of this season, Mannsverk will be prepared for a move to a Top-8 league and has a bright future ahead of him.


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