Karol Borys (Slaska Wroclaw/Poland U17) – Scout Report

Karol Borys is a 16-year-old attacking midfielder from Poland who currently plays for Slaska Wroclaw ii, 2 Liga (Poland). Despite being 16 years old Borys plays against other professionals at the first-team level, where we’ve seen his transferable physical & technical attributes translate as being one of the top players in the U17 Euro’s. As of writing he’s scored 2 goals in 3 matches and continues to be a pivotal part of Poland team.

Player Profile:

  • Nationality: Poland
  • Age: 16
  • Date of birth:  28/09/2000
  • Current club: Slaska Wroclaw (II)
  • Career: Slaska Wroclaw (Y)
  • Position: Attacking Midfielder
  • Preferred foot: Left

Borys stands at 1,74 m & weighs 66kg (145 lbs). The 16-year-olds physical profile is captivating. He’s incredibly agile, where he’ll change directions rapidly and has top acceleration. In possession, he’s very balanced and uses his upper body strength to negate any pressure from the opposition. Despite playing 64 minutes, Borys stamina was showing no signs of declining. Aerially Borys is weak winning 12.5% of his duels, but this will also be down to his height. While contesting for loose balls Borys has struggled, seemingly getting pushed aside.

Borys technical ability is eye catching. He’s very two-footed, whether its dribbling, passing or shooting. The 16-year-old has the ability to carry the ball at high speeds, whilst remaining in close control. Borys is excellent at using both feet and remaining controlled when dribbling – he has the ability to dictate where he wants to go with the ball rather than being forced down the line or inside. This also translates to receiving the ball, he goes either left or right, whatever suits the situation best. He uses his instincts well in tight situations, whether its delaying and seeking a the passing option or using a skill move to beat his opponent. Borys is a full-backs nightmare, he’s exceptional in 1v1’s and has the skillset to beat them combining his ball control and physical attributes like agility and balance. Furthermore, he attracts the opposition, so at times he had 2-3 players surrounding him and used his game intelligence to draw them all in and find the pass. Borys is always one step ahead of the opposition, he has a great vision where he’s able to play through the opposition lines and create a chance. In continuation, he’s smart with his off the ball movement, whether its moving for a 1-2 or picking up positions in the half spaces. When he receives the ball in half spaces, sometimes with his back to goal, he’s very quick to turn and be direct with his opposition. The Polish youngster is a active shooter from outside the box, Vs Ireland he scored a top goal where, he scored from outside the box generating good power from a minimal back lift.

Tactically Borys is an intelligent player. He’s a top presser of the ball and reads when to press and when not to press well, although he was weak in setting traps. He adapts well in games, for example, Vs Ireland he’d look to drift wide right where he was able to get freedom with the ball and create wide overlaps with Kolanko and look to fashion a chance. 

Borys psychological profile is very good for his age. In terms of decision making he has proven to make the right decisions in different situations, whether to dribble or to pass and recycle possession. With regard to awareness it’s almost like his head is on swivel and sees the imminent danger, and he’ll react accordingly, position his body to win a foul or take an instinctive touch, taking the opposition out of the game. 

I strongly believe Borys has the potential to play for top team. At the age of 16 he has an unbelievable technical profile, and his physical attributes are only going to get better, especially if he was to grow 5-10 cm’s. To continue with his development it would be key for him to remain playing professional football, for a 2nd team, rather than playing in the U23 League to continually develop his physical profile. I also believe his long-term position would be RW, he’d be able to cut inside on his left and beat the opposition full-backs in 1v1 duels. 

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