Oscar Gloukh (Maccabi Tel Aviv) – Scout Report

This report was originally written for our 10k followers special which you can find here.

Oscar Gloukh is an 18-year-old attacking midfielder already playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv’s first team. He led the Israeli Under-19 national team to the final in the UEFA Under-19 Championship and was one of the best players throughout the whole tournament. The Israeli player is strong with both his feet and is considered ambidextrous.

The 18-year-old stands at 170 cm making him not successful in aerial duels. Gloukh struggles a bit against physical players but can use his agility and dribbling skills to overcome them. Besides, he makes good use of his pace and acceleration to succeed even when under pressure. He also shows the ability to quickly change direction using quick footwork.

Gloukh is a very technical player showing great ball controlling and dribbling qualities. He can beat opponents in 1v1 situations and is very composed. Since he is ambidextrous, he is quite unpredictable and a constant threat in the attack. Gloukh’s passing skills are very good, both short and long-range, which combined with his great vision allow him to link-up with his teammates very nicely. His finishing ability is also consistent, allowing him to capitalize when presented with a good opportunity.

The Israeli player is very intelligent both with and without the ball. He is always communicating with his teammates and is capable of creating space for them. Gloukh also makes good runs in behind and overall has a very strong sense of positioning. He is always assessing his surroundings and uses his vision to play brilliant passes for runs. He is a playmaker and never panics with the ball on his feet. He also commits defensively when needed.

All in all, Gloukh has made quite the impression after leading the Israeli squad to the first UEFA final ever across all their teams. I think Oscar Gloukh has the potential to become a very good attacking midfielder in the future, playing for a top European club. He already shows great tactical intelligence and is able to combine this trait with his strengths on the ball to succeed. He needs to improve the way he uses his physique, even though his great decision-making allows him to quickly adapt and overcome his opponents.


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