Woobens Pacius (Forge FC) – Scout Report

Woobens Pacius is a 21-year-old Canadian striker who plays for Forge F.C in the Canadian Premier League. Pacius is a product of the CF Montreal academy but they opted not to sign him to a first-team contract. This cleared the way for him to sign with Forge and he has since had a very effective season and a half. Pacius has never played for Canada at any age group. Cracking the current national team would be quite difficult though it could certainly happen for him at some point in his career. He is also eligible to represent Haiti should he wish to.

Woobens Pacius is a pure goal poacher. He is so pure that this might be the shortest scouting report in Target Scouting History. Any visualisation of Pacius’ stats always looks hilarious. He is always maxed out on expected goals and barely registers in anything else. In front of goal, Pacius is fantastic. His movement is really good, he constantly gets himself in positions to score goals from inside the 6-yard box. He is also quite strong which makes him able to fend off defenders when they can track his movement. He does not win a ton of aerials in hold-up play but he is very good at getting over defenders to score headed goals. He does not strike me as particularly fast but he is very good at slipping away from the back shoulder of a defender and putting himself 1v1 against the goalkeeper.

All of the things listed above are very valuable skills for the striker. But they are more or less all you are getting with Pacius. He does occasionally pull off a dribble when isolated against a defender but he is not going to be carrying the ball long distances. Nor is he going to be dropping deep and playing balls in behind to the wingers. You can bounce a pass off of him but that’s about all he offers in the build-up. Likewise, his pressing and defensive work are very limited.

If you need a striker to drop off the backline and link up with teammates then Woobens Pacius is not the guy for you. But, conversely, if you just need a guy to finish off attacking moves then Woobens Pacius is absolutely the guy for you. I think he could make the step up from the CPL, but only in a role and team that suited him. Pacius’ skillset is so focused on finishing that I don’t see him being that successful on a team that’s lower in the table. The most obvious move for CPL standouts is the Canadian MLS teams but none of the three is a very natural fit for Pacius at the moment. Therefore I think taking an intermediate step would be the smart next move for him. He could thrive at a top club in a small to medium-sized European league. Alternatively, he could be a good pickup for a second-tier club that needs an offensive boost to gain promotion. Recently Alejandro Diaz moved from Pacific F.C to Sogndal in the Norwegian second tier and has gotten off to a flying start. A similar move could work out well for Pacius.

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