Sevilla FC- Match Report vs AS Roma 06/08/2020


  • A1- Very good, could play higher
  • A2- Strong potential to play higher
  • B1- Good, strong player at level
  • B2- Potential to be strong player at level
  • C- Average for the level, rewatch
  • D- Below average, don’t follow up

Match Overview

Sevilla started the game off very well, they had Roma on the back foot and were moving the ball very well. Sevilla played in a 433 on the ball, switching to a 4231 out of possession. During their periods of low possession, Roma used Džeko as an outlet to help get themselves past Sevillas press. The Bosnian did well considering he was up against two very physical centre halves, winning 9 of his 13 aerial duels. Sevilla walked out the game deserved winners, with Roma creating few chances and not being clinical when they had a chance.

Jules Koundé

Player Profile:

  • Nationality: French
  • Age: 21
  • DOB: 12/11/1998
  • Club: Sevilla FC
  • Career: Bordeaux, Bordeaux Youth
  • Position: Centre Back
  • Preferred Foot: Right

Koundé had a good game up against Edin Džeko, a very physical and experienced striker. He showed numerous times how strong he is winning all 3 of his ground duels and committing 0 fouls in the process. One thing which stood out was his ability to read the game and step out of defence to intercept a pass, showing his confidence to leave his position to win the ball back. He also showed good pace throughout the game, at one point running back towards his goal to intercept an over the top ball. His awareness is very good for his age, always knows what position to be in to block off the space where the opposition could hurt them.

When Sevilla were playing out of the back the Frenchman showed good distribution, he would often look to play the forward pass into his midfielders. He would open his body to show as if he was going to pass to his right back before then playing a pass into the midfielders who were now in space. I was also impressed with his ability to dribble out of defence with the ball to create overloads in midfield, showed good ball control and pace.  One thing he could improve on is playing a longer ball into his forwards who were making good runs in behind.

In the air he is OK, could win a few more aerial duels by being a bit more aggressive in the air. However, his movement in the box from a corner is very good and he had an open header, which he should have scored from, after good movement which led to him losing his marker. He also scored a goal in the second half from good movement at the back post, however it was disallowed for offside. At times he can also over commit, either in the air or on the ground. In the first half Roma almost went through on goal as Koundé mistimed his jump and the ball went over him.

Rating: A2

As he is only 21 he does not need to make a move just yet, he should continue playing games at Sevilla and work on areas of his games which can improve such as aerially duels and playing long balls in behind the opposition defence. Had a very good game but he missed numerous runs made by his teammates in behind which could lead to more goal scoring opportunities.

Sergio Reguilón

Player Profile:

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Age: 23
  • DOB: 16/12/1996
  • Club: Sevilla FC (On loan from Real Madrid)
  • Career: Real Madrid, Real Madrid Youth, UD Logroñés
  • Position: Left Back
  • Preferred Foot: Left

Reguilón is a very attack minded full back, constantly getting up the pitch to support his winger and creating chances. He used his pace and close ball control to cause problems for the Italian side. He scored a fantastic goal, controlling the ball and using his pace and ball control to dribble past 3 Roma defenders before putting the ball passed the goalkeeper to make it 1-0. One thing he could have done better was his crossing as they would often be overhit and lead to nothing.

As he is not the biggest physically, he does at time lose his 50/50 duels due to the opposition player being stronger. His was never caught out of position or made a mistake which lead to a goal as his positioning throughout the game was good. Roma didn’t really threaten them on the counter so when he was up the field he didn’t have much to do in transition as Sevilla would win the ball back fairly quick majority of the time.

I liked that every time he got the ball he would always look to see where he could play forward. Whether that be a ball down the line to his winger, long ball to his striker or to dribble forwards and get up the pitch. This is due to the way Sevilla play and it suits the Spaniard very well due to his attacking nature.

Rating: A2

Very impressive going forwards, has many attributes which top clubs look for in a full back and he could still improve as he is only 23. He is back at Real Madrid now and has been linked to a move to Manchester United. I think he could do well in England but it depends on if he can be more aggressive in duels as well as grow physically.

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