Fylkir FC – Match Report vs HK Kópavogur 28/07/2020

Fylkir FC can count themselves quite lucky getting away with three points against HK Kópavogur in their ninth match in the Icelandic Pepsi Max Deild this season. Fylkir quickly opened the score in their own Fylkisvöllur, but went 1-2 down after two quick goals from Valgeir Valgeirsson. The home side took over control in the first 30 minutes of the second half and scored two times winning the game with a 3-2 scoreline.


  • A1 – Very good, could play higher
  • A2 – Strong potential to play higher
  • B1 – Good, strong player at level
  • B2 – Potential to be strong player at level
  • C – Average for the level, re-watch
  • D – Below average in this match

Djair Parfitt-Williams

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Bermudan/English
  • Age: 23
  • Date of birth: 01/10/1996
  • Current Club: Fylkir FC
  • Career: West Ham United, NK Rudar Velenje, Fylkir FC
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Secondary Position: Right Wing
  • Preferred foot: Right

Djair Parfitt-Williams did well in the game against HK and was involved in all goals for Fylkir. He scored the first goal, did great work and got a pre-assist for the second goal and caused a penalty.

Parfitt-Williams opened the score after a great pass by Ingimundarson the right winger beat his opponent by cutting inside and slotted the ball in with his left foot. He found success cutting inside for the other two goals as well. For the 2-2 he found Ingimundarson with a nice left footed pass after cutting inside and a few minutes he got fouled in the box after beating his opponent in the box with some nice skills.

Despite being important for his team, Parfitt-Williams didn’t play a good game in my eyes. The right winger was barely involved in the game only receiving seven passes. Parfitt-Williams was quite static and didn’t make that many runs to be able to receive the ball. The 5’6” attacker struggled with the amount of high long balls his team played and didn’t win a single aerial duel.

Technically Parfitt-Williams seemed alright. He beat his opponents a couple of times with some beautiful skills, but wasn’t strong on the ball only completing four out of eleven dribbles. His passing was also alright. Parfitt-Williams played some really smart passes, but was very sloppy in other situations.

Rating: B1

Parfitt-Williams was quite deadly in the final third for Fylkir scoring a goal and basically creating the other two goals, but was invisible for most of the game. He has the ability to shine on this level, but needs to be more involved in the game.

Valdimar Thór Ingimundarson

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Icelandic
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: 28/04/1999
  • Current Club: Fylkir FC
  • Career: Fylkir FC
  • Position: Attacking Midfield
  • Secondary Position: Left Wing, Centre Midfield, Striker
  • Preferred foot: Right

Valdimar Thór Ingimundarson was a lot more involved than Djair Parfitt-Williams, but also a lot more sloppy than the former West-Ham Player. Ingimundarson played as the attacking midfielder for Fylkir FC, but was found roaming all over the pitch.

The versatile Iceland attacker started the game HK fantastically. After picking up the ball on the left side of the half-way line he created some space for himself and played a perfect long pass to Djair Parfitt-Williams who stayed calm and scored.

Ingimundarson also deserves credit for his part in the equalizing 2-2. He picked up the ball in the midfield after a cross from HK’s winger got blocked and played a good long ball to Parfitt-Williams with his weaker left foot. After a smart diagonal run in the box Ingimundarson got the ball back and chipped the ball over the goalkeeper. Just before the ball crossed the goal line Ragnarsson tapped it in. In the 62nd minute Ingimundarson got the goal he deserved as he calmly put a penalty in the left corner.

There are still many aspects Ingimundarson needs to work on to succeed in better leagues though. With a passing accuracy of 57% the he was really sloppy at times. His technique seemed fine, but he did have some troubles in smaller spaces with his ball control, which wasn’t great at times.

Ingimundarson was also sloppy with his finishing. In the first half he got a huge chance with HK’s goalkeeper being way out of position, but he managed to shoot the ball over an empty goal.

Rating: B1

Ingimundarson has some impressive stats with six goals and four assists in the first nine games, but I’m not to sure he would succeed in the bigger Scandinavian leagues since he is just too sloppy at times.

Nikulás Val Gunnarsson

Player profile:

  • Nationality: Icelandic
  • Age: 20
  • Date of birth: 17/01/2000
  • Current Club: Fylkir FC
  • Career: Fylkir FC
  • Position: Centre Midfield
  • Preferred foot: Right

Nikulás Val Gunnarsson never really stood out against HK, but was really useful for his team in my eyes. Gunnarsson played as the right sided defensive midfielder next to Sam Hewson and got subbed off after 71 minutes. The young midfielder seemed to have decent technical abilities, but had some troubles with his first touch and dribbling in the smaller spaces.

Gunnarsson never really took big risks in the build-up play and mostly let his teammates play the more difficult passes, which isn’t a bad thing. With a passing accuracy of 89% he kept possession for his team very nicely. He also showed a good passing range when needed. Under pressure the 20-year old midfielder remained calm and he was quite strong on the ball.

Defensively Gunnarsson did a good job as well, he won most of his duels on the ground and covered area’s for his teammates when needed. He also made a smart professional foul in the first half, which isn’t the most beautiful part of the game, but it’s good to have a teammate who will do it.

Rating: B1

If he improves phyically Gunnarsson could be a solid defensive midfielder. I can see him succeed in a league better than the Icelandic Pepsi Max Deild, but he has a lot of work ahead of him.

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