Universidad Católica U19 – Match Report vs. Independiente del Valle U19 (06/08/2022)

Independiente del Valle under 19 managed to snatch a very important win against Universidad Católica under 19 to get them in first place on the last matchday of the under 19 competition, meaning that they will get an easier draw in the last phase (knock-out stage) of the national under 19 competition. Both teams set up in a 4-3-3, with Universidad Católica also switching to a 4-4-2 occasionally. Universidad Católica saw most of the ball but failed to create that many chances.

Youth Ratings

1 – Ready for the first team
2 – Good, potential to be first team
3 – Decent, could make first team squad
4 – Decent potential, unlikely to make it to first team
5 – Unlikely to make first team

Jordan Yepez

  • Nationality: Ecuadorian
  • Age: 18
  • Date of birth: 06/02/2004
  • Club: Universidad Católica
  • Career: Universidad Católica
  • Position: Striker
  • Preferred foot: Right

Jordan Yepez played as a striker in the match against Independiente del Valle. The youngster was not very much involved throughout the match and seemed to struggle on the ball. His technique was not great; his ball receiving skills from bouncy passes was average but he also had some decent touches. His ball control while dribbling is average too, not being able to keep the ball close to him and being quite slow on the ball. His decision-making in the final third was not great, as he failed to spot his teammates in space and often went on his own. Yepez liked to make runs in behind and changed his runs up quite a bit. Occasionally he moved out wide, but he also made runs in behind centrally. Yepez is a very tall player with a normal to stocky build from what I could see on the stream. He moved pretty slowly and was not quick on the turn. His pace over longer distances was alright, but on the first meters he was not that quick. Yepez looked pretty strong on the ball and managed to hold off his opponent well. Yepez was very uncontrolled in front of goal and did not show his ability today, as he must have some qualities in front of goal scoring nine goals for Universidad Católica u19 this season. The Ecuadorian striker was not great in aerial duels. Even though he is really tall, he did not time his leap well and often was already close to the ground when he could have reached the ball.

Rating – 3

He could reach the first team but he really needs to work on his technique.

Darwin Nazareno

  • Nationality: Ecuadorian
  • Age: 18
  • Date of birth: 20/02/2004
  • Club: Universidad Católica
  • Career: Universidad Católica
  • Position: Right-Back
  • Preferred foot: Right

Darwin Nazareno played as a right-back for Universidad Católica against Independiente del Valle and came up against one of the leagues best wingers in José Klinger. The full-back looked good on the ball, but sometimes struggled defensively against Klinger. Nazareno failed to cover Klinger’s runs in behind well, leaving gaps open and reacting late to the runs allowing Klinger to get shots off in dangerous areas. The Ecuadorian youngster too often allowed Klinger to cut inside on the ball, as he often was slightly too late with stepping up. This meant that when Klinger had his first touch, Nazareno was still moving forward making him vulnerable in the 1v1 duels when Klinger turned away from Nazareno on his first touch. Nazareno lost most physical duels against Klinger too. The right-back covered Caicedo’s back well dealing with crosses.

He did not seem like the most physical player, looking pretty slim even though he has a good height for a full-back. He had good speed over longer distances which helped him to get back into the duels occasionally during the times that Klinger made runs in behind. On the ball, Nazareno had a cautious and passive approach to the game at first, but he grew in confidence in the game and joined the attack more often. He created passing angles for teammates at the right times and found space between the lines well. He was able to provide width but also came inside to join the midfield in possession. Nazareno did not have great close control under pressure. He was not really involved much in the game in the final third, but made the right decisions on the ball and has a decent technique.

Rating – 3

I don’t think that Nazareno is as talented as Layan Loor, but he could definitely make it to the first team in a few years if he keeps improving.

I have also made notes on Anthony Caicedo (right central defender) and Jhonny Castillo (right winger). Both players looked good, but I did not make enough notes about them.

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