Jhoanner Chávez (Independiente del Valle) – Scout Report

Jhoanner Chávez is a 20-year-old defender currently playing for Independiente del Valle. The Ecuadorian side usually play in a five at the back formation, with Chávez playing as a left wing-back. Independiente del Valle have an attacking, possession-based style of play. The Ecuadorian youth international stands out with his physical, tactical (in the attacking phase) and athletic ability, but he is average in terms of technical ability.

Chávez is 1.82 meters tall and has a normal build. He is very powerful in the duels, as he can generate a lot of power from his legs. This is also the reason why he is so fast over long distances. Chávez is also pretty quick on the first meters. The Ecuadorian defender prefers to sprint in straight lines both on and off the ball. However, he is also pretty agile and has okay changes of direction while sprinting. Chávez has great stamina, as he is capable of running up and down the wing for 90 minutes.

The Ecuadorian defender is always a real threat for the opponent with his runs in behind. Chávez spots the space behind the last line very well. He is capable of exploiting the space in behind thanks to his timing and explosiveness. Defensively, Chávez always tries to rely on his physical and athletic ability, but this does not always work. Sometimes he struggles defensively, especially against stronger opponents. With more experience, I think that his defending will get better.

Chávez needs to improve his first touch and final action. He struggles with his first touch from aerial passes, meaning that his good runs are often ineffective because he fails to control the ball well. When he does control the ball, he is often uncontrolled in front of goal and he lacks the final action. Chávez could have had many goal contributions if his technique and final action were better. The Ecuadorian defender also is not that press-resistant, as both his passing and first touch under pressure can be sloppy.

With his playing style and profile, I think that he would fit very well in the Portuguese league. A club like SC Braga, who played in a five at the back formation last season, would be a logical option for Chávez. He would be a rotational option at first, but has the potential to outgrow SC Braga and play for a mid-table club in Spain, if used in the right way. Chávez needs to be given the license to make runs in behind and create danger from left wing-back.

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