Rockson Renteria – Scout Report

Rockson Renteria is a 19-year-old central defender who currently plays for Universidad Católica in the Liga Pro in Ecuador. His position is centre-back and he is right-footed. Renteria’s nationality is Ecuadorian. He is part of the Ecuador U20 squad and is the third central defender behind Guillermo de los Santos and Yuber Mosquera.

Universidad Católica sets up in a 4–2–3–1 with a possession-based style and they like to defend in a high defensive line. As of now, Rockson Renteria has only played 6 matches for Universidad Católica. He has not been linked with any club in the media yet.

Rockson Renteria plays as the right central defender for Universidad Católica and has quickly made a name for himself in the Liga Pro, showing off his qualities and competing for a place in the starting line-up. The Ecuadorian is strong in the duels and defends very positively. He is dominant in the duels and likes to push his opponent off the ball. Renteria usually does really well in the isolated 1v1’s on the wing, where he uses his athleticism and strength to win duels. The youngster closes down his opponent aggressively and makes sure to win the ball back. Rockson Renteria still needs to gain some experience, as he sometimes is a bit too late in the duel which can cost him a yellow card.

He usually has a good body position and shape in the 1v1’s and reacts quickly when his opponent changes direction. The Ecuadorian likes to block off one corner and is very attentive to runs in behind from the opponent. Rockson Renteria is a mobile defender and has good acceleration, which helps him to get back in the duel after losing a duel. This does not happen that often though. His decision-making in terms of whether to step up or not is already good, especially for his age.

On the ball, Rockson Renteria can still improve on his progressive passing. He has the vision to play progressive passes, but he is not always that accurate in his progressive passing. His short passing is always accurate and he looks confident on the ball. Also, he looks composed in the tight spaces after recovering possession.

Rockson Renteria has had a very promising start to his career at Universidad Catolica. He is a very polite, hard-working person and it looks like he is on his way to be a starter for the Ecuadorian club. I would advise him to stay at Universidad Catolica and play in the Copa Libertadores with them and gain more experience in Ecuador to then move to The Netherlands or Belgium.

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