Jalisthon Angulo (Independiente del Valle) – Scout Report

Jalisthon Angulo is a 15-year-old (06/08/2007) right-back who currently plays for Independiente del Valle under 15. The young defender was also the starting right-back for Independiente del Valle under 15 in the Next Generation Trophy and Independiente del Valle under 16 in the Adidas Cup, hosted by Flamengo. Angulo has only played twenty matches for Independiente del Valle under 15 and Independiente Juniors under 16 since 2020 (covid-19 and possibly an injury, but I am not sure) but he has been developing really well this season, improving every time I saw him play.

I think that Angulo stands at around 1.68 meters at this moment, while also having a small build. Often being one or two years younger than his opponent, it does happen sometimes that Angulo fails to win physical ground duels. However, his tenacity and aggressiveness somewhat make up for his lack of strength. The Ecuadorian defender likes to stay close to his direct opponent and often puts pressure high up the pitch, not giving his opponent any time to breath. This is a good trait to have as a defender who is not that strong, but quick over short and long distances. Angulo turns quickly and is a very mobile defender. The Ecuadorian right-back also has good tackling ability.

The Ecuadorian youngster of Independiente del Valle U-17 has a very good technique. He feels really comfortable on the ball under pressure. Angulo usually beats the press with good, powerful passes aided by his great passing technique. Angulo tends to be one step ahead of the opponent at times, already knowing where to play his next pass to. His scanning behaviour helps him with this. Angulo has very good receiving skills, not panicking when his opponent closes him down quickly. The youngster does well to keep the ball close to him. At this moment, Angulo has not shown his ability in the attacking 1v1’s yet because he mostly goes for the pass. However, I think that he should take on his opponent more often because of his good technique and athletic ability. He looks comfortable on the ball with his weaker left foot too.

Jalisthon Angulo does not seem like a very offensive full-back, opposed to left-back Elkin Ruiz. He often stays back in settled possession which allows Ruiz to go forward. Angulo should attack the spaces in behind more, especially because right-winger Anthony Montezuma often tucks inside or drops deep, opening up gaps for Angulo. He should only get forward in the situations that Kendry Páez does not drive into that space though. Angulo seems like a right-back who is really determined to reach his goals.

I think that Jalisthon Angulo has the potential to play in Europe, but that also depends a bit on how much he grows in the upcoming years. He has a very good technique, but should be given the license to drive forward more often. Often the youngest player of Independiente del Valle, I think that Angulo could have a great future ahead of him.

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