Alan Matturro (Defensor Sporting) – Scout Report

Alan Matturro has been making a name for himself in Uruguay, joining the Uruguayan national team on a training camp and being a rotational player for Defensor Sporting in the first tier of Uruguayan football. Matturro has already been linked with Ajax and Internazionale and is likely to move to one of those teams when he turns 18.

Standing at 1.89 meters with a normal build, you would expect that Alan Matturro is a sluggish defender. However, the opposite is true. Matturro is a mobile defender, who is, despite his tall frame, relatively agile and quick on the turn. The young Uruguayan is pretty quick on the first meters and is capable of maintaining that speed over long distances. The Uruguayan central defender is a proactive defender who likes to defend aggressively and step up, closing down opponents and trying to regain possession as soon as possible. However, his timing is not ideal and he does not yet have the maturity, experience and strength to win ground duels far from his own goal with the opponent in between Matturro and the ball.

The youngster has the potential to become an aerial threat in set-pieces, but for now that is not the case as his timing in aerial duels is not great. This leads to Matturro often losing aerial duels against smaller opponents. His inexperience sometimes shows as he seems uncomfortable under the pressure of the opposition’s attack, not composing himself in defence. On the ball, Alan Matturro is far from a spectacular player but that is not always necessary for a central defender. Despite an occasional mistake, Matturro generally looks composed playing out the back with both feet, showing a good technique and ball control. He has the potential to become a decent ball-playing central defender and would be a good pair with a good ball progressor.

Alan Matturro has shown potential in the physical, athletic and technical areas, showing signs that he could become a really good defender with the right guidance. The young defender looked uncomfortable in some matches, but I think his recent injuries and lack of playing time also played its part. Thus, I think that Matturro is a very talented central defender who has the potential to play in the top 5 leagues. He would fit well in teams that defend aggressively in a high defensive line and I could certainly see him getting picked up by Club Brugge or Anderlecht when he turns 18. However, with Ajax being interested in his services I think that Ajax could be a good move for him too, as he would be a regular starter at Jong Ajax after Kik Pierie leaves.

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