Daniel Lino (Blooming) – Scout Report

Daniel Lino is a 20-year-old central defender and left-back who recently moved to The Strongest after playing for Blooming in the Bolivian league. Despite a goal difference of 0-8 in three games, the defender made a relatively good impression in the under 20 Copa Libertadores. The Strongest managed to sign him on a free transfer on the 13th of Jule and Lino already played two matches for The Strongest. In both matches, he got subbed off early.

The Bolivian stands at around 1.84 meters with a normal build, having a very good frame for a central defender. Daniel Lino is a very mobile defender, being able to change stance quickly and looking relatively agile, despite occasionally being pretty heavy-footed. He is pretty quick on the first meters and can maintain that speed over longer distances.

The young defender of The Strongest has good decision-making in defence, often closing gaps and making the right decisions in 2v1 situations. He likes to step up and reads the game well, also showing good timing. Daniel Lino is sometimes a bit too aggressive in the duels, as he occasionally gives away a free-kick after stepping up.

The Bolivian 20-year-old is very comfortable on the ball, but that does not mean that he is flawless. Daniel Lino has a good technique and likes to carry the ball out from the back. The young defender has good vision and makes the right decisions in possession, but his passing over medium distances sometimes lacks accuracy. He generally needs to work on his passing accuracy, but his passing technique is good.

Daniel Lino is an interesting player to keep an eye out for in the future, but it is unlikely that he will become an interesting player for the MLS or Europe. The Bolivian youngster is likely to struggle at left-back for The Strongest, but I can see him succeeding as a central defender. He should probably stay a few seasons in the Bolivian league, but I can see him making a move to Chile or Paraguay in the future.

He would fit pretty well in a balanced side with a medium-high defensive line. He has the potential to become a decent ball-playing central defender, considering the fact that he has a good technique and is likely to get much better on the ball.

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